Chicken pasta recipe


  • 1)Bonless chicken half kg
  • 2)pasta (any interesting shape,butterfly,shell etc)
  • 3)chicken cube 1 piece knor one
  • 4)carrots 2 in round cutted
  • 5)onion 2 in square shape (as i told u in chicken vegetable)
  • 6)coliflower (phul gobi) seperate into small ones (boil it for 5 min)
  • 7)salt n pepper as u like
  • 8)Vinegar n soysos 2 tbsp
  • 9)garlic paste 1 tsp
  • 1)Maida 2tbsp
  • 2)butter 2tbsp
  • 3)milk 2 cup
  • 4)cheese
  • 5)salt n pepper half tsp

Cooking Instructions

Heat the oil add garlic paste stir near lit brown,add chicken stir for 5 min....thn add cauliflower,after 2 min add carrot n onion,after 3 min add boil pasta stir properly thn add all the spices salt,pepper,vinegar,chicken cubes n soysos ( just remember chicken cube is salty so carefull abt salt...After 5 min put this into a open and big dish so tat u can easily put white paste on it....

Heat the butter add maida stir for 2 min ( as like bhunana) thn slowly add milk and stir fast ,..add cheese in it...half salt n pepper...( agar guilties ban jae to blend in blender) if its very thick add some more milk and put this on dish.....
ready to eat.......

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