Kali mirch ki chicken recipe


  • chicken cut in large pieces 600gm
  • thick curds 100 gm(made from skimmed milk)
  • freshly crushed black pepper 2 tbsp
  • ginger garlic n green chillies crushed together coarsely 2 tsp
  • star anise 1 no.
  • cinnamon 1/2 inch piece
  • green cardamom 2 nos. crushed
  • black cardamom 1 no. crushed
  • cloves 3 nos.
  • whole red chilly 1 no.
  • salt to taste
  • roughly chopped coriander leaves , a handful
  • desi ghee 1 ts

Cooking Instructions

marinate the chicken with curds mixed with crushed black pepper n ginger garlic green chilly paste for 2-3 hrs in the fridge.salt can also be added at this stage.

heat ghee in a pan and put in all the whole crushed masalas n the red chilly……quickly put in the marinated chicken as the masalas start spluttering …..mix well and cook covered on low flame, it will get watery first and then the masalas will be soaked in and a nice brown grilled sort of color will appear, keep turning the pieces after every 2-3 minutes untill cooked, it may take 12 -15 minutes.
when the mixture is dry sprinkle the coriander leaves n turn around a bit so that flavors of masala n coriander leaves get blended.
serve immediately with plain wholewheat chapati

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