Lentil Soup recipe


  • 1 cup of yellow lentils
  • 3/4 tbsp of turmeric
  • 1 tbsp of salt
  • 1 tbsp of powdered chili
  • 1 large minced onion
  • 3 cups of water
  • 4 tbsp. of ghee
  • 1 tbsp. of fresh, grated ginger
  • 1 tbsp. of garlic
  • 1 large ripe tomato
  • 2 tbsp of garam masala
  • 2 tbsp of cream
  • Minced mint or alholva
  • 2 tbsp of fresh coriander leaves

Cooking Instructions

Cook the lentils in water with the salt, turmeric and chili pepper powder for 20 minutes until everything is tender and drain the excess liquid.

Fry the onion with the ghee in a pan until it is browned but set a tbsp aside to decorate. Add the crushed garlic and ginger, cook them and add the tomato until it is cooked and soft.

Pour the cooked lentils with the garam masala, cream and half of the minced herbs and stir until everything is hot.

Serve it decorated with the fried onion we set aside and the rest of the herbs. Before cooking the lentils, leave them soaking for 4 hours.

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