Cheese Samosa recipe


  • 1 500gram packet of ready made samosa leaves
  • 3 round boxes of cream cheese wedges
  • Some water for sealin

Cooking Instructions

Cut cheese wedges into half lengthwise (so you get a thinner wedge).

Take a samosa leaf carefully so as not to rip it. Put a halved-wedge at one end at a 45degree angle, fold into a triangle. Keep on folding

the triangle until you reach the end of the leaf. Seal the final end by rubbing some water onto the leaf.

Heat some oil for deep frying. Deep fry the samosas until golden, drain on a paper towel. Let cool slightly before serving to avoid burns
from hot cheese.

Can be kept in a tupperware in the fridge/freezer for one week.Makes 48 (4 dozen).

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