Arabi Paratha recipe


  • Flour (Maida ) 2 cups
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Milk as requried
  • Frying:
  • Mince (prepared)
  • One egg in each paratha
  • Tomotoes (chopped)
  • Gram masala powder
  • Spring onion (finely choped)
  • For mince:
  • Mince 1 pao
  • Oil 2 table sp
  • Ginger & garlic paste 1 tea sp
  • Salt 1 tea sp
  • Chinese salt half tea sp
  • Black pepper half tea sp
  • Corriander leaves, Mint leaves, Green chillies for garnishing.

Cooking Instructions

Heat oil & add mince & other ingredients & cook until water dries.
Sprinkle with corriander leaves, mint leaves & green chillies.

Kneed flour with milk until the dough smooth, make into 34 equal portion.

Apply oil on top and leave aside for 15 minutes.

Apply oil on a marble top or a smooth surface and roll one ball of the dough. Put preapred mince sprinkle gram masala chopped tomatoes sprink onions.

Break an egg on top and fold sides so that a squres is formed.

Fry on medium heat till golden on both sides.

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