Strawberry Dessert recipe


  • Strawberry half kg''s
  • Cream 4packs
  • Sugar 1/2cup
  • Rosemarry 1teaspoon
  • Water 3cups

Cooking Instructions

First of all cut down the strawberrys into two pieces,then take a pan and add 3cups of water it it add strawberry,rosemarry and 4 tbsp of sugar it in,cook it until the strawberrys get soft.after that remove it from the strove and chill it for sometime before adding it into the cream,then take a bowl and add all 4 packs of cream in it and stir it smoothly then add 1cup of icing sugar into it then add the strawberry paste it it and mix it well....chill before serve...

28 Feb 2011     1866 views     NON-Vegetarian       Desserts > Sweets

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