Sweet mix fruits icecream recipe


  • 7 mangoes
  • Pistachious,Peanuts.Cashews,Kishmish grounded
  • Cream 1 packet
  • Milk 1 kg
  • Cherries half kg or straw berries
  • Ras berries half kg
  • Sugar half kg

Cooking Instructions

First peel all the fruits and dry fruits then cut mangoes,Cherries,strawberries,ras berries and ground all the dry fruits boil the milk and put sugarin the cream make milk shake of mango also put sugar make the juice of cherries,ras berries and straw berries.

Take a glass put little bit mango milkshake then put strawberry,cherry andstraw berrie juice put milk and cream and if the glass is not full till yet then follow this method again.

Freeze it about till hours and then take out the icecream and garnish it with dry fruits
This will make 7 servings

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