Barbecue Chicken recipe


  • Chicken-1 kg (golden piece: cut into Small pieces )
  • Chat Masala-1 tablespoonful
  • Ginger-1 Teaspoonful
  • Garlic-1 tablespoonful
  • SpIces Mixture (ground)-1 Teaspoonful
  • Salt-1 Teaspoonful
  • Red chili Powder-1 Teaspoonful
  • Corn Flour-3 tablespoonful
  • Catch-up-1 cup
  • Oil-For Frying

Cooking Instructions

Mix chicken with all ingredients and marinate (soak them in marinade) for one hour.

Smear all chicken pieces with corn flour.

Take oil in a pan and heat it, put chicken pieces into hot oil and fry them till they appear golden brown.

Lixiviate the oil and separate the chicken pieces.

Now mix the ketchup with golden chicken pieces and put them in serving dishes.

Serve the dish with salad.

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