Orange Pudding recipe


  • Salt : – As per taste
  • Butter : – 40 gms
  • Corn flour : – 60 gms
  • Milk : – 200 ml
  • Sugar : – 100 gms
  • Orange : – 3

Cooking Instructions

Cut slices into pieces after peeling off orange and then place it in buttered dish.

Take a little of milk and mix it with cornflour.

Boil the rest of milk and add it to cornflour paste, cook this mixture for 10 minutes with string constantly.

Add pinch of salt and butter.

Orange spread with little of sugar.

Mix the yolk of eggs with remaining milk and add it to the mixer of cornflour and milk.

For one or two minutes stir longer over fire except boiling.

Bake this mixer for 1o minutes after pouring over the orange.

Strike again and again egg white rigidly then fold in little sugar of custard thereafter pie on top ,return to cool oven up to 10 minutes
for tinge a pale brown and set.

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