Strawberry Pudding recipe


  • Strawberry jelly : – 100 gms
  • Marry biscuit : – 12
  • fresh cream : – 400 gms
  • custard powder : – 3 tea spoon
  • cherry : – 1 tin
  • milk : – 100 ml
  • vanilla essence : – 1 tea spoon
  • sugar : – 2 cup

Cooking Instructions

Take ½ cup of milk and dissolve custard powder in it.
In remaining milk add 3tsp sugar and start to boil this mixer.
Add custard powder after 1 boil. To make it thicken stir continuously.

Then stop the flame and then add 1 tsp essence(vanilla)and allow to cool it by placing in refrigerator

Make jelly as instruction given.

Allow to cool it and for the setting refrigerate it. It then place out from refrigerator.

Add the remaining sugar to cream after grinding properly.

Whip it till thicken and cream add into it.

Remove seeds of cherries and then put its juice aside.

Spread the half of jelly in bowl after placing the half of custard in it.

Dip every biscuit in juice which is taken out of cherry tin and put it on jelly.

Now on each biscuit spread the jelly.

Spread the rest of jelly firstly and then rest of custard on it.

Garnish with cherries and now it is ready to serve chilled.

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