Dry Fruit Cake recipe


  • Maida 250 gm(1 pao)
  • sugar 250 gm
  • eggs 6
  • unsalted butter 250 gm(not softened)cut in small cubes
  • baking powder 12 gm
  • almond 20 gm
  • pistachio 20 gm
  • nutmeg 20 gm
  • cashews 20 gm

Cooking Instructions

n boiling water boil all the dry fruits for a while,drain the water and put the softened nuts aside for later use.

Beat sugar and butter till it becomes like white cream.

Break 6 eggs in a bowl and mix wel. Mix the beaten eggs gradually in butter and sugar mixture. Beat again with electric beater.

Add baking powder at this stage and mix wel.

Mix flour gradually .when all the flour is finished increase the speed of beater and beat for a while on high speed.

Add softens nuts without cutting and mix wel.

Put in a greased baking tray ,in pre-heated oven(250 degree)decrees the heat after a while to 200 degree for proper baking .

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