Prawn and Vegetable Salad recipe


  • Prawns-200gram
  • Garlic paste-1/2tsp
  • Cumin powder-1/2tsp
  • Red chili crushed-1/2tsp
  • Olive oil-1tsp
  • Salt- As required
  • For Dressing
  • Soya sauce-2tbsp
  • White vinegar-2tbsp
  • garlic chopped-1/2tsp
  • Black pepper crushed-1/2tsp
  • Olive oil-1tbsp
  • Salt-As required

Cooking Instructions

First of all take a mixing bowl and put prawns, garlic paste, cumin powder, red chili, olive oiland salt in it and mix it well n leave it for a while. now take a round shape pan n stir fry it.

For dressing
Now take mixing bowl and put all the ingredients of dressing and mix it well. your dressing is ready.

For making salad
Take a bowl and put runner beans and boil them after that cut it into little pieces.

Now take mixing bowl and put iceberg, carrot, runner beans and mango cubes mix them well.

After that add prawns on it.

Now put dressing over it and mix it well. now put 2 or 3 prawn for dressing.

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