Coffee Walnut Cream recipe


  • Biscuits 1 packet
  • Fresh cream 2-3 packet
  • Coffee 1 tbsp
  • Fresh milk 2 cups
  • Sugar1 cup
  • Chocolate chips 1 packet
  • Chopped walnuts 1 cup
  • Corn flour 1 tbsp

Cooking Instructions

Take a small pan and add in 2 cups milk along with ½ cup sugar and 1 tbsp corn flour.

Make a custard out of it. When it thickens remove it from the stove and add in 1 tbsp coffee.

Take a dish, layer some custard in the bottom. Layer in crushed biscuits, then layer custard on it.Add in chopped walnuts.

Add in 2-3 packets fresh cream beaten with sugar.
Garnish it with chocolate chips and watnuts.Serve chilled.

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